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Welcome to my little corner of the internet.  I’m a Registered Nutritionist, photographer and old-skool blogger. Remember the days when you’d type 500 words about your day and all your friends would read it?  Times have changed, but I’m still prone to a bit of over-sharing and online quirkiness.

As a Nutritionist, I’m passionate about delicious, energising food.  As a creative person, this happens in the context of a full life. As a recovered dieter and binge eater, you’ll find no diety nonsense here, just sane, science backed information about food, eating and living a healthy life.  Enjoy!

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Sara Lake (Nutritionist) in her kitchen with a kumara plant

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Frozen Avocado Pucks
How To

How to Freeze Avocado

Is avocado season giving you more than you can handle? This article will show you how to freeze avocado and they won’t go brown!

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An easy recipe for traditional probiotic sauerkraut. All you need is cabbage and salt!

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Start of the Abel Tasman Coast Track at Marahau..
Health Behaviour

Are you getting your Vitamin N?

This is the 2024 revision of my popular post about vitamin N (nature!). With links to research, you’ll learn how good plants are for you, and not just when you eat them!

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